We are not a cookie cutter marketing firm. We make you different and stand out from the rest. We custom tailor and formulate the plan that will work best in your business with your budget. This is not a one-size fits all, but it’s a fluid process of testing, implementing, and finding out how to significantly grow your business. Over time, our aim is for you to manage what we build on your own through the processes we develop together. We help you implement a system that works, period.

The Candeo Marketing Group (pronounced “kan DAY oh”) is a results-based marketing firm, which analyzes your specific business to discover assets, opportunities and undetected profit centers previously overlooked while effectively controlling and minimizing the downside risk.

More simply put, we:

  • Analyze your past successes and future goals to formulate a plan (strategy).
  • Incorporate your budget and develop processes to accomplish your goals (tactics).
  • Implement and monitor the pieces of the plan (testing).
  • Tweak it, fix it, repair it (adjustments).
  • Automate it. Put a system in place to make it run for you. (implement).

Our clients range from multi-million dollar companies to small business owners. All of them have two things in common:

  • All have an intense desire to grow and be the best in their respective industry.
  • After working with us, all have profited greatly from Candeo’s expertise.

In fact, a number of clients acknowledge that our efforts and ideas have led to a profit increase of hundreds of thousands of dollars! (Click here to see our Testimonial pages)

The Candeo Marketing Group seeks to identify patterns limiting and restricting business growth. For example, we realize that most industries are comfortable only using one particular marketing approach — even though there may be dozens of more effective and profitable strategies and options available to them.

Candeo shows its clients how to adopt breakthrough thinking and take success concepts from different industries and apply them to their specific business. This gives YOU a powerful advantage over your competition.

Candeo Marketing can help you find opportunities you may have overlooked, assets that are hidden (both tangible and intangible), and areas of a business that are underperforming that you may not recognize. Whether you’re a company that is struggling or one that needs to reinvent and better distinguish itself in the marketplace, Candeo Marketing can help you.

Candeo Marketing is dedicated to growing and advancing businesses exponentially. We strongly value ethical business practices and are committed to doing business with integrity.

If you’d like to start exploring how your business can optimize an effective marketing plan, click here and let’s begin right now!