Do you need a marketing team to get your product or service to market, sell more of your inventory, and increase your revenues?

Candeo Marketing can be your outsourced marketing team.

So you have the world’s newest and coolest product (or service), but you don’t have the time or the know-how to take it to the right markets. Or even what it takes to make it right for market.

And you may not even want to know how to.

All you need to know is that we are visionaries who specialize in setting brands on fire (in a good way) and catapulting remarkable products to market success. We are a team of elite marketers, motivated salespeople, and creative minds working with business owners, like you, to grow your venture.

From Southern Africa to New York City, we’ve launched products and built brands. Our team knows how to bring products and services to market, from the first world to the third world, successfully and profitably, no matter what the obstacles.

Imagine what we could do to your sales.

We’re a team of rogues, pirates on the high-seas of business, bootstrappers in an uncertain economy and hard-headed, revenue-boosting knuckle-busters.

We believe that with the right people and the right cause, there’s nothing that can’t be done.

For a portion of the results and a monthly fee, you can have access to our brains, talents, networks, and go-getter mentality to spread your brand, your cause, and your product into all the right places.

Contact us here and let’s set up a time when we can get down to business and talk about your plans for world domination (or neighborhood domination, whatever suits your fancy).

Whether you’re trying to expand to new markets, or build your current market, we have a team that delivers, but don’t take our word for it. Here are a few companies we’ve worked with recently:

Like lists? Well here’s a list that lays out some of the nitty gritty we get into on a daily basis:

  • Product development: research, naming, package design, market testing…
  • Sales calls: from the meeting to the closing, sales script development
  • Relationship development: buyers, wholesalers, distributors and bloggers
  • Social media development: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn…
  • Video: script writing, casting, location scouting, principle photography…
  • Ad development for all media: budgeting, tracking, implementation…
  • Direct-response campaigns: online and offline
  • Follow-up: planning, training, and tracking
  • International market: exploration, research, relationship development…
  • Coaching on ’How to raise capital’ and secure investment
  • Packaging design: concept, prototype, finished product
  • Merchandising: Point-of-sale display design and creation
  • Event marketing: planning, event sponsorships, product endorsements…
  • Trade show presentation: booth development, collateral, and engagement strategy

To sum up all of this mumbo jumbo, our team takes your product through all of the necessary processes to get it into the hands of your customers.

Due to the intense hands-on nature of a “Market Domination” project, we can only accept a few select clients at a time. Unfortunately (or fortunately) our waiting list fills up fast; reserve your place today!

Wish someone would magically take your work thus far and advance it farther and deeper into the marketplace than you could have ever done on your own?

We have the special solution for you.

Need help? Have questions? Let’s get your product to market. Contact us today to make that happen.