Your customers are embracing causes and communities that have meaning for them. Empowered by new technologies, they’re speaking out, talking back, and spreading the word on what they’re passionate about.

Do you want your business to inspire and benefit from that passion?

Having a world class brand and identity developed for you gives you the keys to building long-term momentum both online and offline for your company, product, service, or organization. With your snazzy new identity, you’ll be ready to impress all of your believers in no time.

Your first impression will WOW them

From now on, with your new (or updated) brand, you’ll stand with your head held high in your marketplace. And that’s just the beginning. We offer three convenient branding and identity development packages, each ready to kick your business into stratospheric levels of success. Aim high and start commanding your corner of the market right now.

Visit our FAQ page to learn more about working with us, or check out our branding packages below:

Gold Star 4-Star Movie Star
Custom designed business logo from concept
(You supply us with the complete concept and sketches, we bring it to life)
Artwork Files (Includes original vecotor format, and small, medium, & large outputs in .jpeg and .png formats)
Custom designed business logo (We help you discover and develop your logo concept and brand identity)
A Professional Logo Proof
Style guide (complete with brand CD proof: fonts in various photo files, Small-Medium-Large sizes, color palettes, and logo usage instructions)
Brand research
(We help you discover and develop your logo concept and brand identity)
Customer relationship interviews and studiese
Social Media build outs (Twitter profile page and FB page designs)
Brand voice development
Identity creation and discovery
Collateral (Bcard, Letterhead, Envelope)
Logo Designed in Vector Format (Partial vector format when images are used)
Retail Rate $795.00 $2999.00 $9999.00

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How to Work with Us:

To learn more about working with us and our process, click here. When you’re ready to book your project, just follow these three easy steps:

  1. Click the order button for your web design package and choose your payment plan.
  2. You’ll be redirected to PayPal to make an initial payment and reserve your place in our schedule.
  3. Tell us what you’d like to see in your web design by filling out our easy questionnaire. Let us know your needs, your target market and your site vision.

We’ll schedule in your project and confirm delivery dates. You’ll be on your way to enjoying your stunning new web design – and the results it brings your business.

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