I’ve recently had quite a few clients inquire about social media, mainly regarding Twitter. I get a lot of questions like: What is it for?, What’s the point?, How do I do it?, What’s a tweet? Not to mention a few negative comments and remarks that we’ll just brush over right now.

Twitter is an absolute must for any business today.

I don’t just believe that, I know that. It’s here to stay, it’s not going anywhere. Did you know that according to Twitter’s entry on Wikipedia spews out over 1 billion “tweets” (little online text messages generated from users) per month? Yeah, “it’s just a fad.” Right.

So I decided to point you to a few really solid articles and resources that can help you start to “dabble” and hopefully utilize this amazing, FREE tool that can help you in your business (a few ways it can help you: customer service, marketing, engaging with business relationships, market research, etc).

I’m going to pull heavily from Chris Brogan (www.chrisbrogan.com). It seems he’s already done all of the work typing out these thoughts and he’s put it all together – so why not use his amazing resources!

Here are the 3 articles you need to go read about Twitter from Chris, then start digging around, testing, playing with Twitter and Twitter Search. I think you’ll find out some amazing things with this exercise.

50 IDEAS ON USING TWITTER FOR BUSINESS – this blog post walks you through how to start using Twitter, listening and engaging on Twitter and will help you get a good feel for some of the things you may be able to accomplish.

USING TWITTER SEARCH FOR BUSINESS – this goes into a bit of detail about how to search effectively on Twitter Search.

TWITTER SEARCH AND MONEY – some really great tools mentioned in the comments section of this post.


What do you think? Do you use Twitter in your business? Use the comment section below. I’m interested to hear your thoughts.