Candeo (kan-day-oh) is a Latin word meaning to grow brilliantly, to shine, to sparkle.

In other words, to stand apart from the rest. “Candeo” embodies how our company facilitates creative, breakthrough thinking into our clients’ marketing efforts. In our practice, brilliance doesn’t necessarily mean never before thought of, but rather an infusion of common sense, practical ideas, consistently over time that allows your company to grow through marketing—brilliantly.

The Start of Something New

At the end of 2008, I (Tim Bickers) had just finished freelancing a couple of marketing/consulting jobs for a few local start-ups. One, a hair salon that needed a marketing plan in order to acquire funding. And another, a local bbq restaurant. I realized that in both of these businesses, I wasn’t introducing anything that took millions of dollars to achieve or a huge marketing team. But it was common sense, intuitive, but often overlooked ideas—that if placed into a systematic form and followed regularly, produced great results.

And that’s when the name “Candeo” was born. I was perusing Latin meanings for words, looking for something that “stood out” from the rest…when I stumbled upon “candere” which is the Latin root word for “candeo” — the verb form. The word “candeo” literally means to grow brilliantly, to shine, to sparkle. In other words, we help you grow brilliantly. Candeo Marketing was born!

How Much Business Growth?

If you were to ask any (or most) business owners out there, “Hey do you want your business to grow?” Almost hands down you will get an enthusiastic “YES, of course we want our business to grow!”

But if you then replied, “Wonderful! How much do you want your business to grow?”

9 times out of 10, the business owner answers: “As much as possible!”

Herein lies the problem. If you bring a marketing firm into your company to “grow your business infinitely,” there are no defined action points, no set goals, and certainly no attainable or sustainable systems to manage that growth. So say we go to town marketing your business with the goal to get “as much business as possible.” From experience, I’ve seen the doors blow off the business. So much so that the business owner cannot handle it.

What I’m saying is: It’s not smart growth. And it could quite possibly cause major damage to your company.

That’s where Candeo Marketing comes in. We follow a holistic and systematic process that you can hold as your Bible when it comes to your business’ growth. And then from there you have processes and plans that empower you to begin to build the systems to maintain, manage, and handle the growth.

We teach business owners how to grow their business brilliantly.
Step by step. Each process. Each system. All along the way, you can see the end goal in sight and move towards it.

The end goal? More time for you while sustaining more business growth through the power of intuitive marketing systems.

Putting A Plan To Your Business Growth Is Key

Without a plan, it’s impossible to be effective in anything for very long.

Candeo Marketing — growing your company brilliantly. You don’t have to throw your money at useless marketing and advertising to try to grow your business. We believe in smart, intuitive marketing that makes logical sense, engages emotionally with you and your business relationships. That produces results. And creates a “talkability” factor in your market space.

We are dedicated to building brands and launching remarkable products. Whether you’re looking to build a website, create a brand, or sell more products and services. We can help you. Take a look at some of the clients we’ve been working with.

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