I was always a big fan of things that seemed dangerous. At first, it wasn’t because I actually wanted to do anything dangerous, I just enjoyed the adrenaline rush of thinking through and planning things that probably shouldn’t ever be conceived.

Why? Because “marketing” is not a department; it’s a mindset.

INCREDULOUS!! Photo courtesy of Gallery 2 Images, on Flickr   Recently, I was calling a few prospective companies to pitch a pretty amazing marketing idea. This idea was very specific, so I called the owner of a company in this industry. I found this business owner because of an ad she had run in a […]

I just finished watching Art & Copy – a documentary about advertising and inspiration. Jordan Michael Winn recommended it to me. And he was right, I liked it. The documentary film interviews a handful of the top advertising minds from the past 40 years. And you actually get to see quite a few of the […]

As your business prepares its marketing strategy, campaigns, and individual marketing pieces – you want all of your efforts to be telling a story about your business. The story of who you are and why your target clients should be doing business with you.

The key is to tell the same story. Every time. No questions asked. Always.

I was chatting with my good friend PJ Tormey tonight on Facebook. I forwarded him on to this very website to have him take a look at it (he had yet to see it). Upon giving it a once over, he asked me an interesting question.

There’s no charge for awesomeness and attractiveness…

Studies show that in the past 12 years, the percentages for reaching decision-makers on the phone has dropped from 15% in 1998 to 4% today…it takes a consistent, thoughtful plan and system in order to reach the decision makers. Here’s one step in this strategy that will make all the difference in your sales effort.