I was always a big fan of things that seemed dangerous. At first, it wasn’t because I actually wanted to do anything dangerous, I just enjoyed the adrenaline rush of thinking through and planning things that probably shouldn’t ever be conceived.

INCREDULOUS!! Photo courtesy of Gallery 2 Images, on Flickr   Recently, I was calling a few prospective companies to pitch a pretty amazing marketing idea. This idea was very specific, so I called the owner of a company in this industry. I found this business owner because of an ad she had run in a […]

“With marketing messages, businesses need to give up dictating what consumers want to do and accept a role more like that of an interested peer.”

Out of focus – Your business can produce twice as much with half as much… if you focus.

Studies show that in the past 12 years, the percentages for reaching decision-makers on the phone has dropped from 15% in 1998 to 4% today…it takes a consistent, thoughtful plan and system in order to reach the decision makers. Here’s one step in this strategy that will make all the difference in your sales effort.