Brand Consulting. Marketing Strategy. Logo Design.

The Pittsburgh Dream Center (PDC) had 9 months to build their brand, create a marketing strategy, being implementing it, and raise support to launch. Candeo Marketing began consulting with them on their strategy first. We then designed the logo and building legs to the organization. PDC needed help with branding, fundraising, engaging with target markets, and organization structuring. The result: funding and support is pouring in, the management team is amassed, and the PDC is successfully launched!

Gary Brougher, President & Founder of The Pittsburgh Dream Center (a community center located in East Pittsburgh dedicated to raising up and helping people accomplish their dreams in the lower income areas of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania).

My wife and I founded the Pittsburgh Dream Center, a non-profit organization that will be launching in Pittsburgh, PA this year. With this great opportunity that was given to us, we knew that we needed a special person to work with us to share our vision and mission. I spoke to a half-dozen people about various marketing strategies that we thought we would need to implement, but never found the right match until one of my colleagues mentioned Tim Bickers and Candeo Marketing.

The first time I met with Candeo, I was captivated by their creative thinking and passion for life. My initial thoughts and conversations of marketing with others were all about website and logo design, but Tim talked to me about the importance of connecting and engaging with people. This made perfect sense to me how connecting with people and sharing our story would help catapult our vision and mission. It has been easy and gratifying to work with Candeo Marketing.

I’m thankful for all the positive responses and interest in the Pittsburgh Dream Center based on Candeo’s guidance, but what is more pleasing is the personal value that Tim & the Candeo team have given to me and my family. They have shown a genuine interest in us as people rather than clients, which I believe is hard to find in any arena of life, much less business.

When I share with our leadership team and others who are set out on a great adventure in life, I will always mention Candeo Marketing, who can help in telling their story just as they have helped us share ours!