Brand Consulting. Sales Training. Marketing Strategy.

Oklahoma Siding & Insulation (OSI) brought in Candeo Marketing for sales training, to secure funding, develop initial brand awareness and entrance into their regional marketplace. The results: brand developed, funding secured, sales training complete, and OSI is the only company of it’s kind in the entire region.

Jeff Dudley, Director of Sales & Marketing for OSI: The only “Preferred Remodeler” of James Hardie fiber-cement siding products in Oklahoma.

I would like to take a moment to thank Candeo Marketing. Candeo, you have single handedly helped us implement systems for marketing, tracking, following up with customers, as well as training us how to be relational in our business and not solely transactional. Your systems have changed the way we do business forever! These systems not only keep us on the same page as a company, but they have helped us save time and money. We are grateful not only for the systems that you have implemented in our company, but also the knowledge and experience that you have in dealing with powerful people in major corporations. This knowledge and experience has secured funding for our company that has boosted us into a standalone place, an elite league if you will, in our industry covering our entire state. Because of your guidance, our company has gone from non-existent to the only “Preferred Remodeler” in our state (the highest title in our industry)! I believe that your work has ensured that OSI (by heeding Candeo’s systems and consultation) will never become extinct.