Marketing Systems. Lead Generation.

Grace Interior Trim (GIT) was looking to bring their carpentry and woodworking services to market in the Oklahoma, USA home building markets—namely high-end luxury homes. Prior to working with Candeo Marketing, GIT initially utilized one avenue for marketing. We implemented a telemarketing and follow-up system and GIT’s call close ratio went from .01% to 3.5%. The results have been over $600,000 in increased revenues.

Chris Walsh, President of Grace Interior Trim (Northeast Oklahoma’s premier carpentry and all-things woodworking company).

Candeo Marketing has done a tremendous job for our company in helping us develop an effective marketing system that is actually succeeding on generating new business for our company. In the time of general economic recession in the construction industry, our company has almost doubled in gross revenues. Because of Candeo’s relationships, the development of our administrative and management processes will also produce a better bottom line profit after expenses. Candeo Marketing has managed to surmount the huge barriers to entry with decision makers in our industry. They have managed to introduce me to builders, general contractors, and architects doing various high-end projects in our field, that I could not have had access to any other way. Candeo’s referral system (which we are currently developing) works on the principal of ‘third party affirmation,’ where a potential client has already been educated on the benefits of doing business with us, and are already sold on our services, before we ever meet. By the time I actually sit down with a potential client, insurances, references and marketing materials have already effectively introduced me, and what we do so effectively that our initial meeting is usually for the prospective customer to look at one of our current projects, or to hand us a bid package on one of their upcoming contracts. I estimate that as we continue following up with leads and contacts entered into our database, Candeo has already successfully generated $600,000 – $800,000 of new business! This quarter, we are implementing a Candeo Marketing Referral System that will make regular contact with our clients an ease. This process keeps us in the loop with fast moving decision makers who need to get things done in a hurry. We look forward to a continued relationship with Candeo Marketing! Their excellence of conduct, enthusiasm, integrity, and continued creative thinking outside the box, make them a joy to do business with.