Branding. Site Development.

Dear Brain Trust is a blog started by a group of four homeschool mothers answering every day education and life questions from other homeschooling mothers around the globe. With decades of home education experience (who’s counting?), these mothers put a fun, hip, and sarcastic flair on tackling the every day challenges of homeschooling a family of children.

Candeo developed the brand for Dear Brain Trust and designed and developed their website. When designing their logo, we went for a bigger than life feel with an aire of intellectual sophistication, while still staying true to the fun nature of Dear Brain Trust gals.

Here’s what some of The Brain Trust gals had to say about working with Candeo:

Working with Candeo Marketing is such an enjoyable experience. Our project, I am sure was a challenging one because we are a bunch of non-tekkie “stay at home moms.” Tim and his team, are not only patient, but also worked diligently to keep us on schedule. They were careful to keep us focused on our goals and actually helped us go beyond our original ideas. I look forward to a continual working relationship with Candeo and am so grateful for their gifts of strategizing and helping us put our dreams into a reality. — Kim F.

Without Tim and his Candeo team, we would not have been able to launch our blog endeavor with such ease. More important than just a mere launch, though, Tim has set the foundation for a successful and profitable future for our coming endeavors. He guided us through many decisions in a way that maximized our budget, and though our budget was tight, he made us feel as if it we were a Fortune 500 client. He carefully laid out all of our options and costs at every step of the way, and at the end of the process, I felt like I had gained a friend as well as a mentor. And, can I just say that the Candeo team is very patient with technically-challenged, middle-aged clients? Thank you, Candeo! — Cyndi K.