Branding. Site Development.

BarronCP is an exploratory musical experiment by the multi-talented Barron Ryan. He blends traditional classical and jazz styled music and infuses it with hip-hop rhythm and bass lines to create something quite beautiful and extremely rare. BarronCP wanted to brand himself and build an online sandbox where he could put all of his skills and work on display for all to see.

Candeo developed BarronCP’s brand, designed the edgy and sleek logo, designed and developed his website, and put together some business cards. Keep an eye out for BarronCP. As they say, he is “off tha chain”—he’s ridiculously good.

Here’s what BarronCP had to say about working with Candeo:

I can’t say enough good things about the work of Candeo Marketing on my website. They took my vague idea of what I wanted in my online image and produced a work of substance, style, and simplicity. Affable yet professional, the Candeo team struck the right balance between listening to my desires and adding their own great ideas. I’d hire them again, and recommend them to everyone I know who could use a fresh approach to marketing.