[Photo Credit LeSmou Imperator via Flickr]

I recently attended an online webinar for Jeff Reidy’s “Tattoo Run For Mom” campaign. Jeff had Chris Brogan on the webinar discussing various overview topics of social media.

At the end of the webinar, I asked a question about organizing my ideas. Often times, I have a lot of interesting concepts and ideas that I try to capture in a notepad on my phone, or actually physically writing them. But, my system(s) has yet to actually produce results and translate into posts on this blog.

So I needed something that would capture my ideas, allow me to work on them simultaneously, and schedule them for release when they were ready.

Chris mentioned that I should use an editorial calendar. And he pointed me to “the best one out there.”

I got it, plugged it into my site, and have been using it as of late. It’s been really great to continually put those ideas I have in front of my face regularly. So I can work on them over time and develop my often creative but scatterbrained thoughts.

I like the editorial calendar a lot.

The only downside that I’ve found (other than the calendar not actually writing my blogs for me) is that if I get a bunch of ideas logged and then don’t work on them consistently and publish the ideas within a month. The calendar moves to the next month and leaves all of my ideas in the past (thus I have to manually drag each draft blog idea to the current week). Maybe I’m doing it wrong…that’d be great if I am…would save me a lot of time.

Here’s a screencast video of how the editorial calendar works:

The WordPress Editorial Calendar Screen Cast from Zack Grossbart on Vimeo.

What do you use to keep your ideas flowing and organized so you can work on them simultaneously over time?