I’ve had a few inquiries about the new Facebook Page upgrade that was released yesterday. If you haven’t heard about it yet, FB has released a much needed update to the page portion of the site.

This upgrade is available for a preview now, and if you like what you see, then you can actually upgrade right now. If not, you’ll be forced to switch over March 11, 2011 anyway. So you might as well get a jumpstart.

I found a couple of great resources if you’re looking to find out  more information about the new upgrades to the pages. The first is Duct Tape Marketing’s blog:

And the second is Marketing Pilgrim’s blog post here:

I like the way it looks now, much cleaner and easier to navigate. And, now you can actually login as your page and comment on people’s news feeds, links, pictures, content! Which was a huge headache before because if you wanted to make a business comment, your personal profile would show up!

Now, if FB can get it’s mobile version to match the main website, then we’ll really be in business. I’m still having issues with Pages to show up with full content on my iPhone.