The Power of Your Network

You’re only as strong as your network is widespread.

Wow, I really discovered the truth in this statement the past week and a half. If you missed it, we got a record breaking 27 inches of snow here in the Midwestern US of A. Upon returning home one night early this week, I pulled my car into the garage and heard what sounded like a trickle of water. Then, upon exiting the car, it sounded like my own personal waterfall inside the house!

Call it “Bickers Falls.”

Frozen pipe, blown joint in the attic. River rapids flowing through the house, garage, and attic. Nice. I felt vulnerable. I didn’t know what to do.

So I grabbed my phone and made two phone calls. 10 minutes later, I had 3 close friends at the house helping me dig out the water meter (covered by at least 2 feet of snow), turning the frozen valve, squeegeeing water out of the house, moving furniture, moping up water.

Then two more phone calls and 15 minutes later and I have the best plumber in Tulsa on the scene (Bill Kozik – Kozik Plumbing – he’s a man to know for these sorts of things). Bill had me fixed in a total of 20 minutes flat.

All good, right? I wish.

Two days later, the temperate continues to drop – all the way to -5 degrees Fahrenheit. Yes, that’s right negative five.

Pipe burst again.

Today, Kozik Plumbing came back out and reinstalled a new technology of pipe that expands when frozen to prevent bursting, insulated with a heat coil that automatically kicks on when temperature reaches 38 degrees, and a thick insulating foam wrap. All complete with a shut off valve for safety precautions in case Mother Nature takes a more malicious turn for the worst, which wouldn’t be uncommon here in Tulsa.

So I thought to myself, “It sure is nice knowing people…”

Build relationships.

Love your relationships and treat them like family. When your home floods, you’ll be amazed at who comes to the rescue.

Sure, I need some new insulation in a section of my house, new dry wall, and paint, you know, the works. But I’m not worried. I’ve got some great businesses and relationships in my network.

This is when business gets fun! The stronger your network, the greater your success. It’s not just a cute mantra. Trust me…it’s very reassuring having strong relationships to fight for you in your corner.

Start strategically building your network today. All the best!