“We don’t have a budget for marketing.”

“Oh, we leave that up to the marketing department.”

“Our marketing isn’t working.”

“Can you generate leads for me?”

“How can I get my business to grow? I need to do some more marketing.”

“I don’t have money to pay for big ads, so my business has to remain small.”


Excuses. All of them. Lame excuses.

Why? Because “marketing” is not a department; it’s a mindset.

Your CFO does marketing. Your receptionist does marketing. The way you answer the phone is marketing.

Change the way your company thinks about marketing. It’s not about the big budgets, huge ad displays, or lead generation. It’s about choosing to win each and every customer over through your company’s culture and mindset.

Change the way you think about marketing because no matter what you’re doing…

…you’re marketing.


Photo Credit: kryshia_tabang12 via Flickr