What if your customer is wrong? What if they ask for a refund when you know it’s not justified?

What separates the true customer service rockstar companies versus the posers is the disposition they have toward customers.

Does it really matter if the customer is always right?

It shouldn’t. They are your customer. You should want what is best for them, no matter how they treat you in return.

You see, the majority of people treat people how they are treated – not how the want to be treated. So if your company sets the tone and will treat your customers like absolute VIPs – 9 times out of 10 you will find that your customers reciprocate that attitude toward you.

So the question should no longer be, is the customer always right? But rather, what can I do to make the customer feel like he/she is always right?

Perception is more powerful than reality. Treat your customers like they’re always right and you’ll have them doing cartwheels cheering your name.