Photo by Roo Reynolds

Roger Dooley just wrote a great post called “Prediction Power: Asking Gets Results” about a recent study that was released titled “When Questions Change Behavior.” To summarize, studies show that when you ask a person if they are actually going to follow through with an action and they respond affirmatively, then chances of them following through are much, MUCH higher.

Get in the habit of clearly defining the next action step for your customers/clients/patients and then ask them point blank if they plan to follow through.

This doesn’t have to be awkward or rude, but make it become apart of your client routine. Chances are that you’ll increase your referrals, boost recurring business, and start to identify exactly who are your prime clientele.

Here’s Roger’s shortlist on Predicting Customer Behavior:

  1. Ask customers about their intent to buy your brand or product. Even this small step (mere measurement) will have a positive effect.
  2. Get an affirmative answer. Plenty of studies show that if a person states a positive intention, they are more likely to act on it.
  3. If possible, get a public or tangible commitment. This may not always be possible or even appropriate, but if it happens it will further increase the probability of future action.

How can you start integrating asking into your daily customer interactions? Leave your ideas below.