As your business prepares its marketing strategy, campaigns, and individual marketing pieces – you want all of your efforts to be telling a story about your business. The story of who you are and why your target clients should be doing business with you.

The key is to tell the same story. Every time. No questions asked. Always.

Systems enable you and your employees to be consistent 10 times out of 10. It’s a combination of written responsibilities plus the simple fact of communicating so everyone knows their role and their part. Think of it like an organic, flowing checklist.

Written responsibilities + verbal communication + checklist = produce a defined goal/product/service

Or if you only understand “businesseese” & dictionary jargon:

    • A Business System is a methodical procedure or process, used as a delivery mechanism for providing specific goods or services to customers in a well defined market.
  • Let me give you an example.

    When it comes to making a follow-up phone call on a large contract your company has been tracking for 3 months, who’s supposed to do it?

    If it’s not assigned, chances of it getting done 100% of the time are zero. It just won’t happen.

    Now don’t let yourself feel overwhelmed or confused by implementing a “system.” All I’m talking about is a written set of guidelines for your business partners, team members, and staff. Be sure to let everyone know what their individual roles and responsibilities are.

    That way, when Friday afternoon comes around, each team member knows what’s been expected of them and they won’t forget to send the email saying, “Hi we received your email, we will see you at the work site on Monday!”

    Then, when Monday rolls around…the job will still be yours and your whole team won’t show up for work and have the job awarded to a competitor.

    NOTE: This lesson cost me $20,000.00 to learn. How much will it cost you? Or will you just take my word for it and start finding ways to systematize your business. No excuses.

    Use systems to tell your story 10 times out of 10.