I recently heard a shrewd businessman say:

“If you don’t forever capture your ideas in some form of media. If you don’t make that idea your prisoner to work for you and accomplish your goals. You will have some of the greatest ideas known to man with nothing to show for it.”

I’ve recently been contemplating this thought: how can I duplicate the ability to have a spontaneous, yet brilliant stroke of genius in the form of an idea?

I’ve discovered several findings about how my mind works:

  • My best ideas occur when I am NOT trying to generate them.
  • This is all it takes to capture your ideas

  • If I don’t forever capture these ideas when they FLASH through my mind, they are pretty much forever gone. I can kind of remember the idea I had, but it is never in the form, setting, or creative structure as it was when my mind first conjured it.
  • My ideas usually come some time after I have been exercising my brainpower through reading a challenging article, book, listening to an audio clip…so in a way, I am initiating the ideas by the content that I filter through during my day.

Solutions to generate ideas on demand and forever capture them:

  • Strategically place notepads & pens throughout my office, home and car in order to ALWAYS be able to carve this idea into my mind and be able to recall it at any given time. This same “shrewd businessman” – see opening paragraph – plants tape recorders everywhere – even in the shower! He records his thoughts and ideas wherever he goes…and then, when it’s time, he puts those ideas into action.
  • Be disciplined with the content that I seek out and read/listen to/participate in.
  • Ask the right questions. This often triggers my mind to find a solution subconsciously. (Example: “How could I grow my business 25%? What small tweaks could I fix in our lead generation process?” Then, let your mind go to work… and if you don’t have the knowledge, then find someone who does and listen.)