We are excited to announce a new client that we have been working with the past few months. Introducing HĒLO (pronounced: hee-low) and their product the HēloStrap! HĒLO is an electronics accessory company that has created a tablet holding and rotating device: the HēloStrap. Take a look here to see how the HēloStrap works.

HeloStrap for iPad from HeloStrap on Vimeo.

It’s a really ingenious product and we’re excited about taking it to market in a broader scope. HĒLO has some bold plans for 2012 with the release of a Pro version of their nylon strap (it’s a genuine leather product it’s very functional and cool). Keep an eye out for HĒLO and their products. With over 50 million iPads in circulation and many more to come (not to mention other tablets), this product line has a lot of potential.

Now back to work. And if you’re interested, take a look at HĒLO’s latest press release here.