Here’s where it all begins:

The Quote

You can view our web design package rates here & branding package rates here. Or you can contact us for a custom quote for your project.
All quotes are valid for 30 days.

When will my project be done?

This is a common and important question. From the “let’s do this” to launching your project depends on your specific needs. We will let you know our estimated turnaround or completion time in your quote.

Keep in mind, we’re not a production line. And you’re not hiring us to be one. We focus on the details you’d never think about from a design standpoint and build your website, brand, and product with excellence.

Booking your project — hopping in our project queue

Ready to book your website? Wonderful! Just click here to book your website online, click here to book your branding project online, or click here to contact us directly.

Our skills are in high demand, so booking your project early is important. A 50% initial payment assures your place in our schedule, with the balance due on design approval and before we install files live on your server.

We use for all payment transactions. It’s safe, secure, and trusted by millions. If you’d like to pay with your credit card, but don’t want to use PayPal, we can process your credit card over the phone. There will be a 3% up charge for this service.

Discovery — Collecting your info

In order to build you a beautiful and effective website that generates bottom-line results for your business, we need some basic information about your business and clientele.

So after you book your project, we’ll send you a link to our Design and Project questionnaire. Your thoughtful answers help us create the perfect site/brand for your business!

This stage helps to establish the overall feel, functions, and purpose for your project so we can do our best work moving forward.

Asset Collection

At this point, in order to design out what your website will look like we need your basic project content, images, databases, artwork, photographs, etc. This way we can mock-up the site with as much detail as possible.

The only thing we don’t need at this point is your web copy. We’ll go ahead and put filler text here allowing you some more time to write your copy. If you don’t want to write your own copy, we’ve got you covered. We offer copywriting services to convey your message with just the right words.

Your project brought to life — The Design Phase

We review your Design and Branding questionnaire answers and consult together as a team to determine the best look and layout so we can build you a website that pulls in customers and ignites your business.

We present you with the complete design for your website’s home page. We frequently hear for “This is awesome!” and “I love it!” when we show off what we’ve been working on.

Design Approval

We offer you 10 full business days to review your website’s home page concept in case there are any minor changes you’d like to suggest. If the suggestions make sense and are healthy and beneficial for your business, we’ll carry them out and offer a revised design concept for your approval.

Our revision policy covers two rounds of minor revisions for the initial home page concept. For clients who enjoy a zillion revisions (and an exhausted team), extra rounds are available for a fee.

Upon home page concept approval, we’ll design the standard content page template (or interior website pages). You’ll have another opportunity to review and provide feedback, with one round of minor revisions.

Development — Transformation of artwork to functioning website

It’s time to code! Once we receive your full approval on your web design concept, it’s time to code it out and turn it into a live, clickable website. We’ll send you a checklist of info we’ll need for this phase.

We build all our sites directly on our test server using a really flexible content management system (usually WordPress). That means your site is built on the best of the best – and then some!

If you have a particular WordPress framework you’d like to work with, we can develop your site on that framework (like Thesis or Genesis). Just let us know up front and we can make it happen.

And don’t forget, because we are using a content management system, you’ll be able to add as many regular content pages to your site as you’d like in just two clicks, and each one automatically picks up the template design you approved for a consistent, cohesive branding throughout your whole business. Brilliant!

A Note You Should Take Note Of

Each site is tested in both a Windows and Mac environment and for the latest versions of all major browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. It’ll look perfect for everyone.

But please note that not all browsers are made equal, and there may be tiny differences that occur when viewing your site in different browsers. These small differences are absolutely normal and change nothing in the user experience.

There may also be small differences between the design concept and the actual, live site. This too is normal – there’s a big difference between a static design image and a functional, fully coded website.

Differences are usually so miniscule that they aren’t visible to the naked eye, and your visitors won’t even notice.

Adding Copy

When your website is fully coded, we can drop in the web copy you’ve prepared. We’ll drop in up to 10 pages of web copy/content, with additional drop-ins available at an extra fee.

We assume that keywording, SEO and a full edit has been carried out by your professional content provider. If that’s not the case, just let us know, and we’ll prepare a quote for these needs.

If you don’t have any content for your site and would like web copy that persuades visitors you’re awesome and they should do business with you, just ask about our copywriting services, and we’ll prepare a quote.

Pre-Launch Testing

Once your website is fully coded and all content has been added to its pages, it’ll be ready for pre-launch testing and a final review. We’ll test all areas of your site to make sure it runs smooth and looks perfect in major browsers and mobile browsers like iPhones and iPads.

Then we’ll let you review the completed site. It’ll be hidden from public eyes – but not yours! You’ll have a full week to click around, play with it, become familiar with how it works and browse around.

And from there, it’s…

Time To Launch!

Launching your new site is a fun experience. We’ll schedule a launch date with you so that we can be there if you need us for technical support on your big day. That’s right – you’ll have the full team at your personal beck and call, just in case.

All you need to do is pull back the curtains and let the world see your site!

Post Launch – Upkeep Program

After launching…
We’re here for you as long as you need us. Sign up for our maintenance program, and we’ll provide you regular site maintenance, monthly backups, updates to latest versions and even free service calls.

We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity, otherwise we have to charge for every bit of support you need.

Of course, if you just have a question, feel free to get in touch – we’re always here to answer those!

Thought of something new?

If there’s a new feature you’d like to add to your website, just let us know. We’ll provide you with an estimate for your needs. We work on retainer and refund any balance remaining when the work is complete.

Smooth Sailing…

Your new website will be getting raves and accolades, the competition will be jealous, and you’ll be grinning at your results. Congratulations!

Ready to book your website now? Just click here to schedule online or click here to contact us.

The Fine Print (sans legalese):

Every once in a while, three interesting situations occur:

1. Some clients vanish without a trace and quit responding to our light nudges and inquiries.
2. Some clients who were full of gusto about their project and pushed hard for completion put everything on hold without notice.
3. Some clients become so busy they can’t review and approve our work, and the project stalls.

All three circumstances are perplexing, but we recognize that sometimes these things happen. Sadly, after ten days of inactivity, we’re forced to close the project and move on to other clients waiting patiently to work with us.

We’re glad to pick up where we left off in the future when you’re ready, and we’ll reopen the project for a fee of 25% of the original quote.

For cancelled projects, we apply any initial payment as a closing fee.

Here’s another curious and atypical situation that occurs:

Clients who work with us do so because they trust our 25+ years of combined design, web, branding, and marketing experience and know we’ll do a incredible job.

But ever so often, we have special clients that feel the work would somehow be improved by having their design-dabbling husband, teenager or best friend’s 12-year-old neighbor collaborate on this important business project.

While we find this request rather weird, we’re happy to accommodate at a premium of 20% of the project total.


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