…When You Work With Us

Websites can be confusing and difficult to understand much less adding newsletters, social media, hosting, web maintenance, and sales funnels. It’s crazy talk. And the thing is, you don’t really want to know all the in’s and out’s of how to write code in tech languages. You just know that you need a website and you want it to be a beautiful representation of your brand.

That’s okay. You don’t need to know all the intricate workings of a website. You just need to know a few basic things. We try our hardest not to get too confused in the jargon and gobbledygook, but to keep you focused on the task at hand—growing your business and building an online presence.

So here’s what you get when you hire us to work on your website:

The Power of a Content Management System

You know the power of building systems into your business. Well meet the C.M.S. A content management system does just that—it manages all of the content on your site. What does that mean to you? It gives you full access and control to anything and everything on your site.

You want to update a picture? Fine! With the CMS, you’ll be able to. We custom tailor a CMS that is perfect for your project and website. Some of the systems we’ve used before are WordPress, Magento, and Element Fusion.

Let’s take WordPress for example: it’s a platform for your website. It is a fully integrated software piece that controls everything on your site. It makes the back-end of your site work, period.

There are other platforms for websites, but we’ve found WordPress to be the most flexible, user-friendly platform of all, and that’s why we like to use it the most. We’re not completely opposed to other systems, but this one is by far the easiest to use.

A Content Management System puts you in the drivers seat. You can add new pictures with a click of a button. Don’t want that old content? You can delete it just as easily.

In other words, if you want your website to have 5 pages or 45 pages, you can. You don’t need to pay a web designer every time you want something updated, spruced up, or changed on the site. You just click!

Oh yeah, and remember, your website will pick up the professional page design we’ve created for you and automatically apply it to all the new pages you create.

Cool, huh?

Adding content and text to new pages is easy, too. Write up your content in a Word doc or Apple Pages, then just copy and paste it into your new page. Hit Publish, and you’re done.

You can literally edit or change the text on any page in a snap.

Let’s say your “What We Do” page lists five service packages you offer, and you decide to add a new service and tweak an existing one. In just one click, you can tweak the package and add your new one to the text. Hit Update, and you’re done.

Or let’s say you change phone numbers. Just edit your Contact page text and replace the old number with the new one.

Our goal is to make this easy on you.

Because using a CMS is so easy, there’s very little learning curve. We’ll walk you through the site when it’s done and provide you with a short guide that tells you the basics (like how to add Pages, and most of our clients can handle their site within half an hour.

No special “techie speech” required.

Keep in mind we’re always here to help you out. If you get stuck, have a question or aren’t sure how to do something with your website, just send us a quick email.

We’ll reply real fast (usually within 24 hours).

Excited? Not yet? Okay, let’s move on to some more fun things…

Incredible Home Page Design

It’s our belief that the fundamental element of an awesome website starts with awesome design. In order for your website to convert well, you have to have people land on your website and think “Wow! This site is professional, trustworthy, and this site is amazing! I want to work with them.”

The main goal of your site is to attract people to your business.

So to accomplish this, we design a sharp looking home page for your website to create instant credibility, appeal to the eyes, and establish an emotional bond with your future customers (clients, patients, donors, members, well you get the idea).

Your home page design provides the foundation look and style for your entire site, and it’s completed branded cohesively with your company in mind.

What’s our process? Glad you asked! First, we gather information about your company: goals, vision, ideal clientele/target market, your vision for your site…and a myriad of other things that will aid us in telling exactly what your website needs to look like so that it brings you results.

This is our bread and butter. With over 25+ years of combined experience in online marketing, graphic design, web presence, branding, and business/commercial marketing, we are really good at creating web design that flat out works.

The Logo

Every single business must have a great logo. If you have one already available, then we’ll integrate it right into our website design and make sure it looks amazing.

Don’t have a logo? Don’t fret. We can design a natural logo based on the name of your company and build it right into the site design.

By “natural logo” we don’t mean we’ll spend months crafting the next Apple or BMW logo—specific logo design is a very expensive project and costs thousands of dollars. If this is something you’re interested in, head over to our “Branding” section. We can certainly help you craft the perfect brand for your cause.

What we mean by “natural logo” is that if you don’t have the cash to spend on our branding process, then we’ll craft a logo for you out of what your business naturally has—your name. We can use different fonts, some color, textures and our graphic design skills to make your business name look like a world-class logo.

Collective Site Page Design

Aside from your home page, your website will be made up of pages. These pages are inside your site—people are taken to when they click something on your home page.

The home page design will be congruently carried throughout the entire site. So each time you click to create a new page on the back-end, your new page will match that design. Instantly.

Why do we build the page design off of the home page design? To give you a perfect and consistent brand throughout the entire website.

This is critical: Consistency when it comes to your brand must translate online as much as it does offline. It helps people on your site feel confident and encouraged that they are in the right place, no matter where they are on your site.

Individual Page Design

Every once and a while, some of our clients will ask for a specific page they’d like to highlight through a special design. It’s often for a book, cause, or even a movie.
They want this page to have a different layout from the rest of the site.

Or maybe it’s a landing page where they’d like to promote a product or service they sell. It can even be a page designed to urge people to sign up for their newsletter list.

We’re more than happy to put something together that special for this occasion.

Individual page (or landing page) design isn’t a standard part of our web packages, though. It takes additional time to brainstorm, plan, design, create and then build out (code) these unique pages.

If you’ve got a specific page in mind that you want to be different from all the rest, we can make it happen. Let us know what you’d like to do, and we’ll provide you with a quote for this special page.

Do You Want A Blog?

Many of our clients hire us to design and build a business website—no blog. Others want to blog, and they want that feature up front and make it the center piece of their site.

No problemo. Sometimes, our clients will want a combo package of both! We can do it.

You let us know what you want, and we’ll make it happen for you. The beautiful thing again about the Content Mangement System (CMS)—it can be a business site or a blog based site.

Oh yeah, and you can always change your plans later. If you don’t want a blog at first and then decide you’d like to try blogging. Presto, we can do that. Or maybe you don’t want your blog anymore. Okay! We’ll take it off of your site.

You will never be limited with the way we build your site. You are in control.

Will My Site Be Able To Handle Media?

Have you heard the mantra “Content is King?” These days, it seems like everyone and their kid sister is getting into video or some form of audio.

Your website will be compatible with video and audio. You can create your video or audio file and then upload it to your site. You literally can have a video or audio file display on any page of your site.

Sweet Features You Can Add On

Some of our clients have detailed requests for special features they’d like to build into their site. Lucky for them, there are thousands of “plugins” that can be plugged into the back of their site.

Did we mention how cool WordPress is?

These plugins are built by third parties. They don’t come standard with the CMS framework, but they can be plugged in as website add-ons.

Here’s an example: say you want an event calendar that manages a corporate event your company throws every year. Or maybe a forum where your customers can come and ask questions.

Let us know up front about the special features you’d like added onto your site and we’ll see if we can find a plugin that matches what you’re looking for.

Web Hosting

Let’s keep this simple. In order for your website to be live on the internet, it has to have a physical home. It sounds strange, but every website ever created lives on a server box somewhere in the world.

In order for your site to go live and stay functioning at top speed, you need to have secure and reliable website hosting service.

Fortunately for you, we’ve worked a deal with our friends over at Varis Hosting. Varis Hosting has a unique approach to hosting. They treat each customer (big or small) the same. Every site gets its own allotted space on one of their high-security servers, unlike a lot of  hosting companies that over sell their space and cause your site to crash from time to time.

We use Varis Hosting because they use virtual servers. If you’d like more techie details, then drop us a line at hosting@candeogroup.com and we’ll give you all the details you need.

The first 3 months of hosting are built right into your web package price. So you’ll have some time to figure this part of the process out. Don’t worry, we’ll help you.

An Upkeep Program

Like every other piece of software out there, your website software will need to be updated from time to time, to ensure the optimal conditions on your website. Just like you need regular maintenance on your car or house furnace, a well-maintained site runs efficiently.

We offer a few different options for website upkeep:
• The DIY. You do it yourself. Back up your site, then hit the “Upgrade” that’ll appear on the Dashboard of your site when there’s a new software version available.
• You can have us take care of it every month. We’ll add you to our Website Maintenance Dashboard monitoring system, and once a month, we’ll go through and do a full backup of your site and confirm that your site is running the latest versions of all your software so you’ll never have to worry about losing data or your site lagging due to outdated software.
• You can give us a call for a one time upkeep run through. This is the ideal package for the clients who only want us to pop in every once in a while to update their site. (This is okay with us, though we don’t recommend it; outdated software is risky on a lot of different levels—security, less than optimum operation levels, amongst other things).

Our monthly maintenance program is $97 a month. Click here to sign-up.
Our one-time upkeep run through is $150. Click here to sign-up.

The Final Touches

You’re going to have a website built on an foundational CMS framework, a snazzy home page design custom designed to draw in business, a matching site theme throughout your pages for consistent branding, and a blog if you want it to post new content for your readers.

You’re going to need a few final things to really put the icing on the cake:
• We’re going to start you off by creating up to ten pages for you to really make your website be a success. Let us know the names of each page and we’ll get them implemented. These pages will be waiting for your content or text. Just copy and paste your content into the page and hit “Save.” Hey, or you can send the text over to us and we’ll input it for you.
• We are going to build a Contact page into your site. People will be able to visit your Contact page and send you a message. We’ll set it up so that you receive this message at your favorite email address.
• Last and certainly not least, we will support you. You can always send us an email and we will help you get through the learning curve if you get stuck somewhere along the way.

By the time we’re done and you’re ready to launch, you will have a professional and gorgeous business website to display to everyone. Are you ready to get started right now? Contact us this instant. Want to learn more about our process? Click here to learn more about how we work with you.