When building your website on a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, your website needs regular maintenance and software updates to the latest versions.

It’s like changing the oil in a car. It’s regular maintenance. When you consistently maintain your software, your site runs clean and smooth at optimal levels. And that’s what you want!

Outdated versions of your software can put your website at risk for security breaches, plugin errors and slow load times.

You can always take care of the upkeep and upgrades yourself. All you have to do is take a full backup of your website and then click the “update” links on the dashboard of your site as they appear.

However, if you’re too busy to do this regularly, you think you may forget, concerned about possibly breaking something on the backend, or want the reassurance that you have a trained professional team taking care of your site on a regular basis, then we have two upkeep plans available.

Look Out For Hackers

Hackers are out there, and honestly, there’s not much anyone can do about ingenious individuals with their hearts set on hacking into a website to take it out of operation.

As a matter of fact, stopping hacking entirely is nearly impossible.

Which is why maintaining your site and keeping it up to date is so critical. You may not be able to completely prevent hackers from attacking your site; you can help prevent their attempts by blocking security leaks.

You will make a hacker’s attempt much more challenging—so much so, that he might have a change of heart about your site and find one that’s easier to break into!

Sign up for our Monthly Upkeep Program

First things first, we’ll add your site to our Client Website Tracking System. This will allow us to monitor your site regularly for new software releases and plugin updates.

Once a month, we’ll update all the facets of your site to the current software versions and plugins.

We will also fully backup your site—which will prevent data loss if something were to ever happen to your site! If this were the case, then all you would have to do is restore your site from this backup and PRESTO! Good as new.

And now for an added bonus, we give you a $50 credit each month for any little tweaks or fine-tunings you might want done. (This credit can’t be rolled-over and must be used within the current upkeep month.)

Our Monthly Upkeep Program is available for $97 per month – and you’ll benefit from the full comfort of knowing you won’t have to worry about a thing!

Sign up for monthly upkeep now.

Get a One-and-Done Maintenance Update

You may feel that monthly maintenance isn’t needed. We don’t advise that you put off your website upkeep, but we still like to offer help when you determine that it’s time to update your site.

Go ahead and contact us for a one-and-done maintenance call. We’ll dive into your site, retrieve a full backup and update all of your software and plugins to the latest versions.

One-shot upkeep calls are available at $150. And your site will go from outdated and unkempt to slick, smooth, and a well-oiled machine!

Get a one-and-done maintenance update today!