How many designs will you create for us to choose from?


We’ll create one design for you. Yep, just one.

Why? Well, we noticed a pattern when it comes to our design projects. We would design out several really beautiful designs for our clients to approve.

You know what happened? It would end up making it harder for our clients to choose when they had 3 awesome and beautiful choices in front of them.

Once they made their decision, we were then stuck with all this work we did for nada.

It’s a waste of time, energy, effort, and our brain power.

Here’s the deal, we gather all of your information, then put our 25+ years of web design, graphics, and marketing experience together. We create one home page design for your business—the one that fits your business and gets the most results.

That’s why we only do one design: it’s better for everyone. And don’t worry, we take care of you and make sure your design is just what you need.

What if I absolutely hate what you’ve designed?

It is extremely rare that this happens. But don’t worry. We’ll go ahead and clarify exactly what it is that you do want and we’ll start over. We want you to like what we design.

I love it, but I want to tweak a few things.

We give you a two-week review period to take your time and digest the new design. It’s quite common that there are some minor tweaks done on a design.

What if I want some extra revisions and can’t let go of controlling the design process?

We know that some individuals have a tough time believing that we know what we’re doing and really do have their best interests at heart. However, this speaks more about them than it does about us, we’re glad to accommodate to their unique needs.

If you’re the type that enjoys moving furniture around a ton, has difficulty making up your mind, and needs to see several color options before deciding that the initial color we’d chosen was truly the best one, or you just can’t seem to agree on anything without fiddling with it first, that’s alright. We understand.

And we’re happy to supply you with additional rounds of revisions at a special hourly rate.

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