Wow, it was such a breeze working with you. I thought your process would be difficult, like pulling teeth. But it was…easy!

We love bringing your design to life. And we love keeping the process straightforward and simple.

At the beginning of our process, we take the time to acquire all of your project information with our fun-to-fill-out Design & Project Questionnaire.

Our Design & Project Questionnaire pinpoints the exact points we need to get started on your project:

Why you need a website or brand. Your business and it’s mission. Your target market. Your goals. The results you’re aiming for. Your likes and dislikes. We even ask you some off-the-wall questions about colors.

We ask you questions to evoke the answers we need to get to work.

We’re not like the rest of the design companies out there when it comes to our process. There’s a rumor going around that it’s a difficult, boring, and tedious process. That may be true, but not when you work with us.

We take our job very seriously — making your brand or website project as easy as possible.

Let’s face it. You’ve got much better things to do with your time than to look at redundant project reports and progress updates. That said, this stuff just becomes clutter in your inbox and your workday. Why would we waste your time to tell you the obvious?

We love talking to our clients, but we know you’re too busy for phone calls full of small talk — the weekend’s ballgame, the weather, and the latest stock market updates.

We know you’ve got things to get done, and you want us working hard on your project. Which is exactly what we do.

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