There’s no charge for awesomeness and attractiveness…

I’m often reminded of this phrase as I go through day-to-day life. Just picture this scenario with me for a moment…there I am forging the legions of terrible ads, marketing campaigns, annoying tweets, and nonsensical spam emails… and this thought runs through my head…

I desire awesomeness.

Now, I’m not talking awesomeness in a theological standpoint (as some of you from an elder generation may criticize). I’m talking the “cooler than I can even express with just emotion and the word ‘COOL!’ PLUS two degrees higher.”

Thus, awesomeness.

I recently picked up a book that evokes this very emotion, if you know what I mean. (Think riding a rollercoaster that all of a sudden takes a quick movement down and to the right…that kind of feeling. OR when you’re cruising in a jetliner at 30,000 feet and all of a sudden you drop a couple hundred or so…yeah, awesome).

I use those semi-strange analogies to describe this book because, well, it completely shatters the ‘norm’ of what a typical business/marketing book should be. It comes flying in at you like heartburn after eating a warm delicious bowl of homemade oatmeal (it’s just unexpected)!

This book is titled… drumroll everyone… oh come on, have a little fun… it’s okay to DRUMROLL to a blog. There I just did it too.

UNMARKETING by Sir Scott Stratten.

(No he’s not actually a knight… at least not that I know of. But I liked the alliteration… so I took the liberty of adding the “Sir.” Stop whining and keep reading!).

So I don’t want to write an entire review here because I highly encourage you to just go get Unmarketing and read it for yourself. Whatever I say, you won’t remember anyway…so logon to Amazon or or even your local library’s website and get it! Make it happen. You’re doing yourself and all of your business colleagues, clients, customers a complete disservice by not learning what this “Unmarketing” movement is all about.

Okay, but before I end this verbose rant about a so much cooler than cool book… here are a few tips that I believe are absolutely invaluable that I took from Unmarketing’s modern day, common sense, dare I say, masterpiece.

  • It’s on the cover, but unlike many books out there… the entire thesis/argument/point of this book is actually fulfilled from cover to cover:

    Stop marketing. Start engaging. ‘Nuf said.

  • I recently heard a portion of Scott’s keynote at Blogworld 2010 and heard him drop this little doosie of a gem:

    People spread awesome.

  • And then he said:

    Social Media is talking.

  • Put them together and this just rocks today’s mumbo-jumbo definitions of how to effectively market and what social media is:

    People spread awesome. Social Media is talking. And there is no charge for awesomeness and attractiveness (I added that last part myself because it’s true).

And I leave you with this: if you really begin to care about your customers, or clients, or patients in an honest and sincere way. If you truly put your heart and soul into your work and begin making it “AWESOME” on an hourly basis (not just hit or miss). And if you will let that awesomeness translate into the way you engage online with those around you…
You will find that whether you have 8 followers or 800,000… social media is fun. And awesomeness attracts awesomeness (not to mention attractiveness… but not necessarily in the way that you are thinking)! So seriously, I’ve made the commitment to stop marketing and just flippin’ start engaging!

Are you coming along for the ride?

VERY WIDE SIDENOTE: After reading this, please don’t come back to me and start screaming at me because you tweeted 1 time and you weren’t able to get the “date of your dreams.” This isn’t a blog about dating. It’s a blog about engaging with the world around you. So go back and re-read this as your punishment for being ignorant.