I’ve had a few inquiries about the new Facebook Page upgrade that was released yesterday. If you haven’t heard about it yet, FB has released a much needed update to the page portion of the site. This upgrade is available for a preview now, and if you like what you see, then you can actually […]

The Power of Your Network Wow, I really discovered the truth in this statement the past week and a half. If you missed it, we got a record breaking 27 inches of snow here in the Midwestern US of A. Upon returning home one night early this week, I pulled my car into the garage […]

I just finished watching Art & Copy – a documentary about advertising and inspiration. Jordan Michael Winn recommended it to me. And he was right, I liked it. The documentary film interviews a handful of the top advertising minds from the past 40 years. And you actually get to see quite a few of the […]

As your business prepares its marketing strategy, campaigns, and individual marketing pieces – you want all of your efforts to be telling a story about your business. The story of who you are and why your target clients should be doing business with you.

The key is to tell the same story. Every time. No questions asked. Always.

I was chatting with my good friend PJ Tormey tonight on Facebook. I forwarded him on to this very website to have him take a look at it (he had yet to see it). Upon giving it a once over, he asked me an interesting question.

Out of focus – Your business can produce twice as much with half as much… if you focus.

You read it right… there are really only 3 ways to grow any business!

I recently heard a shrewd businessman say: “If you don’t forever capture your ideas in some form of media. If you don’t make that idea your prisoner to work for you and accomplish your goals. You will have some of the greatest ideas known to man with nothing to show for it.”

Studies show that in the past 12 years, the percentages for reaching decision-makers on the phone has dropped from 15% in 1998 to 4% today…it takes a consistent, thoughtful plan and system in order to reach the decision makers. Here’s one step in this strategy that will make all the difference in your sales effort.

The Tale Of A Lost Boy In A Very Stingy World.