Candeo Marketing & the Tulsa’s Young Professionals launched the 7 Day Entrepreneurial Challenge locally in Tulsa, OK, USA last week. The premise of the event is simple: take $100 start-up capital and turn it into $200 in 7 days using basic business and entrepreneur skills. The 7 Day Challenge saw a handful of teams compete with […]

Candeo (kan-day-oh) is a Latin word meaning to grow brilliantly, to shine, to sparkle. In other words, to stand apart from the rest. “Candeo” embodies how our company facilitates creative, breakthrough thinking into our clients’ marketing efforts. In our practice, brilliance doesn’t necessarily mean never before thought of, but rather an infusion of common sense, practical ideas, consistently over time that allow your company to grow through marketing — brilliantly. Read our story here.

Roger Dooley just wrote a great post called “Prediction Power: Asking Gets Results” about a recent study that was released titled “When Questions Change Behavior.” To summarize, studies show that when you ask a person if they are actually going to follow through with an action and they respond affirmatively, then chances of them following through are much, MUCH higher.

There’s a seldom told story about The Terminator, Mr. Schwarzenegger himself. I’d like to shed a bit of light on this story today.

When Arnold Schwarzenegger moved to the USA from Austria he and a friend started a brick laying business.

What if your customer is wrong? What if they ask for a refund when you know it’s not justified? Does it really matter if the customer is always right? It shouldn’t. They are your customer. You should want what is best for them, no matter how they treat you in return. You see, the majority […]

I was always a big fan of things that seemed dangerous. At first, it wasn’t because I actually wanted to do anything dangerous, I just enjoyed the adrenaline rush of thinking through and planning things that probably shouldn’t ever be conceived.

Why? Because “marketing” is not a department; it’s a mindset.

Something I’ve been really pondering lately is how should I greet a close twitter friend for the first time in person?

This hasn’t happened to me yet — meeting someone completely over Twitter and then bumping into them in the real world — but I know it’s bound to happen.

I’ve recently had quite a few clients inquire about social media, mainly regarding Twitter. I get a lot of questions like: What is it for?, What’s the point?, How do I do it?, What’s a tweet? Not to mention a few negative comments and remarks that we’ll just brush over right now. Twitter is an absolute must for any business […]

INCREDULOUS!! Photo courtesy of Gallery 2 Images, on Flickr   Recently, I was calling a few prospective companies to pitch a pretty amazing marketing idea. This idea was very specific, so I called the owner of a company in this industry. I found this business owner because of an ad she had run in a […]