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Recently, I was calling a few prospective companies to pitch a pretty amazing marketing idea. This idea was very specific, so I called the owner of a company in this industry.

I found this business owner because of an ad she had run in a monthly newspaper that goes out to every homeowner in this area.

After a week or two of trying to set up a meeting, I finally was granted a call. I pitched my idea…and it was a really great one, I’m telling you!


“Wow, that sounds like a really amazing idea!” The owner of this company said.


“But…if I do that idea…I’ll have to purchase another vehicle…and hire more people…and my business might grow.”

I replied while holding back a chuckle, ‘Well, that sounds like a great problem to have!”

“I don’t think I want to do that.”

She quickly hangs up the phone.


You don’t want to do what? Grow your business?

Embrace the challenge. Step out and try something new in your  marketing for a change. Most industries use one single method for marketing their products/services — and everyone does the same thing.

Break out of the mold. Be different.

Your business might just grow because of it.

  • Tim Bickers

    Wonderful! New Discus comment bar now live!

  • Tim Bickers

    Wonderful! New Discus comment bar now live!

  • David

    WOW! What kind of business owner would not WANT to make their business grow???? I don’t get business owners somethimes.