I was always a big fan of things that seemed dangerous. At first, it wasn’t because I actually wanted to do anything dangerous, I just enjoyed the adrenaline rush of thinking through and planning things that probably shouldn’t ever be conceived.

Brewing Up A Business

I spent a good portion of March with my nose buried in Sam Calagione’s book titled Brewing Up A Business: Adventures in Entrepreneurship from the Founder of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery [amazon_link id=”0470942312″ target=”_blank” ]affiliate link[/amazon_link]. What separated Brewing Up A Business from the majority of the business books out there was Sam’s first hand accounts […]

Why? Because “marketing” is not a department; it’s a mindset.

Something I’ve been really pondering lately is how should I greet a close twitter friend for the first time in person?

This hasn’t happened to me yet — meeting someone completely over Twitter and then bumping into them in the real world — but I know it’s bound to happen.

I’ve recently had quite a few clients inquire about social media, mainly regarding Twitter. I get a lot of questions like: What is it for?, What’s the point?, How do I do it?, What’s a tweet? Not to mention a few negative comments and remarks that we’ll just brush over right now. Twitter is an absolute must for any business […]


I spent some time really diving into Richard Branson’s mind during the month of February. I asked a lot of questions, found a lot of answers, heard some great stories, and was encouraged in my business endeavors.

INCREDULOUS!! Photo courtesy of Gallery 2 Images, on Flickr   Recently, I was calling a few prospective companies to pitch a pretty amazing marketing idea. This idea was very specific, so I called the owner of a company in this industry. I found this business owner because of an ad she had run in a […]

I’ve had a few inquiries about the new Facebook Page upgrade that was released yesterday. If you haven’t heard about it yet, FB has released a much needed update to the page portion of the site. This upgrade is available for a preview now, and if you like what you see, then you can actually […]

The Power of Your Network Wow, I really discovered the truth in this statement the past week and a half. If you missed it, we got a record breaking 27 inches of snow here in the Midwestern US of A. Upon returning home one night early this week, I pulled my car into the garage […]

I just finished watching Art & Copy – a documentary about advertising and inspiration. Jordan Michael Winn recommended it to me. And he was right, I liked it. The documentary film interviews a handful of the top advertising minds from the past 40 years. And you actually get to see quite a few of the […]