If you haven’t already, please check out BigAfrica.com! I’ve been helping to build this for the past 2 years…

Sign-up for a free profile – you can post your business, products, services onto the site and can begin to not only outsource what you do to Africa – but you can help to rebuild Africa from the inside out. We also have a job board where you can post job openings or post your resume.

Please send this to everyone you know who is either:

  • African
  • Interested in Africa (be it for investment purposes, travel adventures, or maybe just watched the 2010 World Cup in South Africa!)

With unemployment up to 90% in Zimbabwe alone where inflation was so high that they printed a 100 Trillion dollar bill (only to have it worth nothing), I believe that this business network can truly help enact change within Africa. Over 3 trillion dollars in foreign aid has been pumped into the continent in the past 50 years, yet it has created a dependency mindset. It’s time for Africa to wake up to the fact that it is no longer the world’s greatest charity case – but it is the world’s greatest emerging market.

Big Africa’s long-term goal is to create a self-reliant Africa — one that the rest of the world wants to partner with.

Help us do this by forwarding this to your friends and family – after all, it’s FREE.

Highlights Of Big Africa Forum 2009.
Teaser Video For Our Upcoming Event.